The original pi-pump

Our pipetting device, the pi-pump, is a solution that is both easy to use and cost-efficient when it comes to handling liquids in laboratories. The pi-pump has been improved continuously and adapted to the needs of our clients since the 1970s.

Available in four different (colour-coded) sizes, the pi-pump enables you to pipette easily, safely and precisely "by hand".

See here how the pi-pump is used. It is available in the following sizes:

  • For pipettes of up to 25ml (red), order no. 2524
  • For pipettes of up to 10ml (green), order no. 2520
  • For pipettes of up to 2ml (blue), order no. 2516
  • For pipettes of up to 0.2ml (yellow, without quick-release valve), order no. 2512

See our prices:

Our pi-pumps are usually packaged individually and supplied in boxes of ten. A user's note is attached to every single pi-pump. As a reseller, we offer you

  • Special discounts on our price list
  • The option of attaching your own notes (these could include your own logo and product no., for example) to the product
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Short delivery periods
  • A personal contact person
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